Explosion Vent

The Explosion Vent is designed to release excess pressure in the event of an explosion. A key component of the RoboVent Deflagration System, this vent ruptures during an explosion and directs pressure away from the building. This minimizes structural damage and protects workers.

How It Works

A combustible dust explosion creates a pressure wave that can cause significant damage to property and threaten the safety and life of nearby employees. The Explosion Vent is designed to release this pressure safely as soon as it starts to build, preventing a more damaging event in which the entire filter chamber bursts. The Explosion Vent panel or panels must be carefully placed to direct the pressure wave safely away from people and property. This reduces the risk of property damage and accidental death or injury resulting from an uncontained thermal event. It is a passive approach to combustible dust explosion mitigation requiring no external power or control system.