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The Streamline Hood is a process enclosure system designed for source capture of dust, fumes, mist and sparks from processes such as robotic welding and other applications that produce dust and fumes. It is a simple, yet effective modular system designed for easy setup and space savings. We custom fabricate each hood based on the industrial ventilation requirements of your practice.

robotic welding cell hood collectorsThe unique modular design of the Streamline Hood makes it easy to customize for your cell style and application. It goes up in just hours with minimal tools and requires no special expertise. Best of all, it won’t hog valuable floor space. It’s the perfect hood for any application, any dust collection system, and any facility layout.

  • Streamlined Design | Low Profile | No Floorspace Required
  • Modular | Ready-to-Assemble | Quick Install
  • Clear Polygal Top | Lets in Light | Better Visibility for Operators
  • Lightweight | No Extra Reinforcement Required | Light Structural Loads
  • Secure from Ceiling, Cell Fencing or Floor | Easy to Position | Less Install Time
  • Customizable | Designed for Each Application | Fits Any Cell Style

The Streamline Hood encloses, contains and helps to capture fumes and particulate produced in industrial settings. It is paired with an appropriate dust collection and air filtration system to remove the particulate and return clean air back to the facility. Hoods prevent dust and fumes from propagating throughout the facility and make them easier to collect with source capture. Source capture saves money and energy by reducing the airflow (CFM) requirements for collection of contaminated air.

We have applied the Streamline Hood to robotic welding and other tough industrial applications for decades. Since then, it has evolved for use in many other applications ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty. Today, it is applied in a variety of industries and processes.

It comes down to efficiency. If you can capture particulate more efficiently, you can save on operational costs in a lot of different ways.

The Streamline Hood is designed to minimize CFM requirements and therefore the size of the dust collector you will need. Minimizing the size of the hood (and therefore the volume of air it contains) minimizes the airflow (CFM) required to effectively capture fumes and particulates within the hood. And when you lower your CFM requirements, you save energy…and money. It’s that simple.

We knew you’d click on this one first! The answer to this age-old question is absolutely, and here’s why: science and nerds.

We put the best nerds at RoboVent on the job to apply scientific principles to the art of industrial hood design. The Streamline Hood is engineered to minimize CFM requirements for your dust collector. Lower CFM means a smaller, more energy-efficient collector, which will save both capital and operating costs. Here’s how we do it:

  • We form-fit the hood to the exact shape of your cell to minimize the area enclosed under the hood.
  • We minimize openings at the front and bottom of your fence line to further reduce CFM requirements and prevent fumes or particulate from escaping the hood.
  • We custom size the hood to your facility and application requirements.

Once we have your hood designed, we will help you “right size” your dust collector based on the CFM requirements for your application. Our calculations consider:

  • Volume of air enclosed under the hood
  • Size and number of openings
  • Size and volume of particulate to be captured
  • Face velocity (velocity of air at the hood opening)
  • Capture velocity (velocity of air at the dust/fume generation source)

Process engineers and production planners love how simple we make it. Plant managers love the efficiency and performance. Operators & EHS appreciate the safety and cleanliness. And the maintenance team loves the hassle-free installation and upkeep.

Thank you. It’s that simple.

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