Ventmapping - 32:53

November 24, 2021

Looking to test the air quality in your facility? Find the best location for where to put a dust collector in your manufacturing plant. RoboVent's Ventmapping/Application Engineer, Kyle Billy, and Sales Director Chris Cea explore the different applications of Ventmapping Engineering. Ventmapping allows you to visualize airflow patterns to assist in building air ventilation systems. Learn about what kinds of processes can be improved by a Computational Fluid Dynamic Study (CFD Study).

0:00 Welcome!
0:53 Kile Billy Introduction
2:08 What do we mean by “Ventmapping”?
3:25 Chris Cea Introduction
7:47 What is Ventmapping, really?
13:35 How can a facility prepare for Ventmapping?
20:05 What types of dust are applicable to Ventmapping?
23:40 When do you not need advanced engineering help?
31:00 Does Kyle use his particulate monitors at home?
32:38 Let’s Get Social!

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