Understanding Your Weld Fume Filtration Options

October 27th, 2015

To Filter, or not to Filter: That is the Question

Facilities practicing proper weld fume removal and filtration achieve a variety of short and long term benefits. To discover how exactly you can increase your organization's productivity and profitability through clean air, fill out the form on this page and access our in-depth discussion on weld fume filtration and exhaust.

In this webinar, clean air technology experts from RoboVent discuss:

  • Weld fume sources and effects
  • Weld fume removal options
  • Exhaust vs. Filtration
  • Types of weld fume filtration
  • Benefits of open pleat advanced filtration

Proper indoor air control doesn't end with fume capture. Captured fumes should go through an exhaust or filtration process to achieve maximum benefits. It's important to remember that weld fume filtration and exhaust are not the same thing, and one of the two processes is much more effective at delivering an efficient, clean air environment.

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