Battery Dust Basics: Dust Control Strategies for the Battery and EV Industries

November 30th, 2023

TOPIC: Battery Dust Basics: Dust Control Strategies for the Battery and EV Industries
PRESENTERS: Mike Meyer and Kyle Billy
TIME: 45 Minutes

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Air quality and dust control are critically important for the growing battery manufacturing industry. This session will cover dust control basics, including the problems associated with uncontrolled dust and options for dust collection. Join us to learn how you can protect your people, facility, products and processes from fugitive dust in battery manufacturing applications.


  • Dust control challenges for the battery manufacturing industry, including raw material handling, electrode production, and cell assembly processes
  • Worker health and safety considerations, including specific exposure risks associated with Lithium-ion and other common battery chemistries
  • Combustion risks for materials used in battery production
  • OSHA, NFPA and EPA regulations related to control of toxic or combustible dust produced in battery manufacturing
  • Considerations in selecting a dust control solution for battery manufacturing, including dust collector selection, filter selection, source capture system design, and combustible dust safety

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