What Kind Of Welding Applications Are Best For Fume Extraction Guns?

Fume guns are an excellent option for any application using manual MIG welding. The fume gun is the ultimate source capture solution for weld fumes. Adding an extraction system to a lightweight MIG welding torch produces a tool that is as flexible as it is powerful. This flexibility makes fume guns ideal for applications where other fume capture methods fall short—in particular, when welding on large pieces or in tight, confined spaces.

When welders work on large pieces, such as truck trailers, they rarely use portable source capture solutions properly. Constantly repositioning a fume arm or dragging a large piece across a backdraft table is often inconvenient or even impossible. The same goes for working inside aircraft fuselages, tanks or other small spaces. These applications requiring high welder mobility are where a fume gun shines. A fume gun allows a welder in these situations to collect fumes while continuously welding.

Fume guns are also the most cost-effective and energy-efficient method of capturing weld fumes. Fume guns capture fumes closer to the source than any other capture method, which means they require less airflow (measured in cubic feet per minute) than other methods. This saves significant amounts of energy and money.


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