RoboVent Releases Larger, More Ergonomic Weld Station

New CrossFlow Table Ideal for Weld Schools and Repair Shops

January 10, 2017

Sterling Heights, Mich. (January 10, 2017) – RoboVent has released a new, larger version of their popular RoboVent CrossFlow Table. The all-in-one welding bench and source capture system provides ample room for a variety of manual welding applications while keeping dangerous weld fumes out of the breathing zone.

The new RoboVent CrossFlow Table features a larger work surface and some new workspace elements designed to meet the needs of weld school students and instructors. In addition to the original 4’ wide model, RoboVent is now offering a 5’ wide model of this popular welding booth that includes these added features at an economical price.

For the education sector, the newly designed weld booth is an ideal solution to maintain a user-friendly learning environment. “Although our old design was a great product, it didn’t have some of the key features that instructors were looking for such as increased width and space under the table for the welder to fit. This new design is really the answer,” stated Clayton Hughes, Solution Specialist at RoboVent.

The RoboVent CrossFlow Table Features:

More Working Space: Now 5’ wide to give welders in training the space they need to learn the art of welding. The new table also includes a space under the table for the welding machine for a more workable weld lab layout.

Pack and Play: Ships fully assembled for easy installation. Units are simply placed on the training floor with electrical and compressed air connections and are then ready for use.

More Available Workspace Features: The new CrossFlow Table includes added features such as LED lighting and a built-in electrical plug for power tools to make the working space easier to use.

The RoboVent CrossFlow Table also includes some of RoboVent’s leading features such as Dynamic Pulse™ filter cleaning system, SafeSensor™ particulate monitoring for fire safety, and vertical cartridge design to extend filter life.

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