Video Testimonial: Paget Equipment Company

When Paget Equipment Company of Marshfield, Wisconsin needed a better solution to remove dangerous fumes from manufacturing facility, they came to RoboVent. Paget's plasma cutting equipment create high levels of toxic smoke and fumes that are hazardous to worker's health. Exhaust fans help but they are also noisy and energy inefficient. Paget needed a better answer to protect their employees and reduce energy losses. We installed Plaser by RoboVent, an advanced air filtration system designed specifically designed for plasma and cutting applications. Plaser collectors keep the air around the laser and plasma cutters clean and safe for workers by using advanced filtration with RoboVent's Dynamic Pulse Technology.

Plaser draws dirty air through powerful filtration units and returns filtered air back to the plant — eliminating heat loss common in other systems. Plaser is easy to install, easy to maintain, and delivers significant energy savings.

Paget also needed a plant-wide, ambient fume capture system that would remove dangerous welding fumes, operate quietly and help them reduce their energy expenditures. We installed the RoboVent PushPull System to improve the air quality throughout the entire facility. The ducted PushPull units effectively pull welding fumes and other emissions from the air to keep workers safe, healthy and comfortable. Because Paget's large facility lacked floor space and hoist clearance, RoboVent customized a whole-facility, ventilation system to meet the unique needs of their plant. Three powerful PushPull units with advanced Endurex RMO filters clean dirty plant air and return it to the facility to save energy.

Thanks to RoboVent, workers at the Paget Equipment Company all breathe much easier and cleaner.