EFFECTIVE: Removes 90-95% of weld fume right at the source.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC: Designed for optimal accessibility and ergonomics to reduce fatigue and ensure a good weld every time.

EASY: The fume gun moves with the welder, so there is no need to continually reposition a fume arm to ensure optimal extraction.

VERSATILE: Great for applications where the welder is highly mobile or when welding large parts or in enclosed spaces where other fume collection methods are not practical.


FUME NOZZLE (SHROUD): Tapered for better accessibility. Reverse Suction provides better smoke extraction, especially in vertical/overhead welding positions. Classic, slip-on consumables also available.

RUBBERIZED GRIP INSERT: Rubberized ergonomic grip for maximum operator comfort and control.

LIGHTWEIGHT CABLE: Reduced weight to minimize operator fatigue.

EXTERNAL AIR REGULATION: Ergonomically placed air regulator for easy access during welding.

COMPLETELY ENCAPSULATED MECHANICAL TRIGGER: Provides optimum protection against contamination from welding fume particles.

OPTIMIZED CABLE ASSEMBLY: Due to the optimized cable assembly components, as well as an increased cross section, the flow volume increased by 20% for cooler wear parts and longer life.

MACHINE-SIDE CONNECTION: Direct mount to feeder or Euro connection.


The xFUME fume extraction welding gun is available in both air-and water-cooled models and with a variety of hood styles.

xfume chart


WELD CABLE COVER: Lightweight cable cover with flame retardant coating. Provides excellent resistance to abrasion, weld spatter, punctures and tears.

ANTI-SPATTER CERAMIC SPRAY: Aerosol ceramic anti-spatter coating. Thin coating creates a solid protective barrier against spatter on consumables, fixtures, and tools.

COATING CAP: The tip of the gas nozzle and its interior can be protected in a few seconds from adhering welding spatter with the Coating Cap.

GAS FLOW CHECKER: Ensure you’re getting the proper gas flow at the nozzle.

MAGNEHELIC STATIC PRESSURE GAUGE: Test various sections of your fume extraction system to ensure the optimal static pressure is being produced.


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