What Are My Options For A Fire Suppression System In My Dust Collector?

Without an effective fire suppression system, a dust collector could become a meeting point for the three components of any fire: a fuel source, oxygen and an ignition source. Fortunately, effective systems exist to protect both workers and equipment.

The best fire suppression system is an internal one, rather than simply relying on a facility’s sprinklers and fire extinguishers. The latter create a lot of mess and do little to prevent damage to a dust collector itself. Integrated fire suppression devices protect equipment, workers and production lines much more effectively than other measures.

A fire suppression system is able to dispense clean agent gas or other agents to kill a fire quickly and cleanly. This should be a last resort, however. A well-designed system will be able to use other fire-fighting measures before deploying gas.

RoboVent's Clean Agent Gas Fire Suppression is a dual-stage system that is activated by heat. Sensors within the Clean Agent Gas Fire Suppression can detect these factors and trigger a damper to shut off airflow to the dangerous areas. The system can also automatically turn off the blower. These actions cut off the flow of oxygen and kill a fire before it spreads. The clean agent gas is only deployed if needed.


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