Supprex-200™ Fire Suppression

Supprex-200 uses a fire suppression system engineered for safety, reliability and effectiveness. The FM-200 gas and canister system, from Firetrace, automatically releases a proprietary gas into the dust collector chamber as soon as heat is detected—no power source required.

Stopping Dust Collector Fires in Their Tracks

Supprex-200 is a clean agent system that is safe for both humans and electronics and minimizes cleanup and downtime in the event of a discharge. When a fire ignites inside the dust collector, the heat causes the Firetrace Detection Tubing to burst. This instantly releases the FM-200 gas into the chamber, smothering the fire on contact.

The FM-200 gas is highly cost-effective, efficient and safe. The system provides immediate detection and delivery and uninterrupted service, even in harsh environments. Supprex-200 keeps a dust collector fire safely suppressed until emergency personnel can arrive, preventing a fire in the dust collector from threatening your employees and facility.