RoboVent ProCube™ Hi-Vac Filtration System

When you need power, flexibility and mobility, look to the RoboVent ProCube™. The ProCube puts high-vacuum filtration power into a small, portable package that goes wherever you need it. Designed especially for the RoboVent Extractor™ Fume Gun, ProCube is the only portable filtration unit of its size that is rated for high-production welding environments.

RoboVent ProCube™ Hi-Vac Filtration System Video Transcript

Do you need powerful fume extraction with added flexibility? The RoboVent Procube packs a lot of extraction power into a small portable unit that goes wherever you need it. The Procube is perfect for environments with individual welders or single robotic stations. It’s small but powerful enough to keep weld fumes out of the breathing zone. It’s quiet too, so you can work comfortably beside it. In fact, Procube is one of the most energy efficient and flexible weld fume extraction systems available today. Contact a RoboVent solutions engineer to see how Procube can best fit into your operation.