Delta3 SparkOut

Stop fires before they start.

Sparks are a natural byproduct of welding, grinding and metal cutting—but if they are left uncontrolled, the resulting fires can have devastating consequences. Now you can protect your workers, equipment and facilities with the most advanced and efficient spark arrestance system available on the market today.

Delta3 is built on groundbreaking technology that uses centrifugal force to kill sparks before they have a chance to grow. By stopping fires right at the source, Delta3 creates a safer work environment and vastly reduces the risk of avoidable work accidents. And our innovative design will help you keep productivity high, operating costs low, and maintenance costs to a minimum.

How? Our Delta3 units are self cleaning to minimize maintenance costs and system downtime. They also provide superior air flow compared to traditional spark arrestance systems, which lowers energy costs and maximizes the life of your filters. Delta3 delivers:

  • Excellent spark control
  • Self-cleaning operation
  • Low pressure drop

Delta3 SparkOut Video Transcript

RoboVent, the leader in clean air, guaranteed solutions. Sparks are a natural by-product of welding, grinding and metal cutting processes. For generations, manufacturers using these processes in their facilities, have dealt with sparks and the risks associated with them. Sparks can ignite fires inside the fume collection system resulting in production downtime and danger to plant personal. RoboVent has spent years understanding this issue, what it takes to kill these hot sparks then building, testing and refining spark arrestance systems and have become well known as the leader in spark control for welding and thermal metal cutting applications. To understand the fire issue, we need to go to the fire triangle. There are 3 basic things required in order for a fire to start, fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. Inside a fume extraction system, the particulate collecting on the surface of the filters is the fuel, and the air flowing through the unit provides an abundance of oxygen. Only one hot ember is needed now to start a fire and there are millions produced in these operations every day. The key to eliminating fires in collection systems is to never allow a hot spark to make it through the ductwork to the collector. Over the years, engineers have designed many different spark arrestance systems, some more effective that others, but all have had drawbacks. Some require regular cleaning, driving up maintenance cost, others create high restriction to air flow ramping up energy costs and also shortening the filter life of the collection system. Worse yet, many do not kill the sparks effectively, heightening the risk of a collector fire.

RoboVent saw the need to take this technology to the next level. A spark arrestance system was needed that required no maintenance, have low resistance to air flow, and was highly reliable and effective in killing all types of hot sparks and denvers. A major breakthrough was achieved when RoboVent engineers developed a CFD model that could accurately simulate the action of these hot sparks. CFD or computational fluid dynamics allowed the engineers to accurately predict how embers would respond to different spark arrestor designs, allowing them to simulate hundreds of different iterations and virtually run them in welding, grinding and thermal cutting applications before they were built. The result was Delta3, an innovative design that uses centrifugal force to kill the sparks. While maintaining high velocity along all surfaces, the device is self-cleaning and the simulations proved it would do all this with very low resistance to air flow. To prove out the CFD design, the next step was to build and test a working model and tweak the design based on the findings. Extensive testing on different types of hot embers and sparks followed. And finally, the engineering team announced that they had achieved their objective. The new Delta3 effectively extinguished 99.9 percent of the sparks and proved to have very low resistance to air flow as measured by pressure drop while maintaining effective cleaning velocity on all surfaces. Further field tests were then conducted over an extended period of time in rigorous high production environment. The Delta3 proved itself to be highly effective and virtually maintenance free. The patent pending Delta3 technology uses centrifugal action to drive sparks and embers against the outer wall of the device, stripping off the thermal envelope that surrounds them, so that they are rapidly cooled and extinguished. At the same time, high air velocities are maintained on the surfaces inside the device. Eliminating particulate deposits so the unit is constantly cleaning itself. The Delta3 is designed so that internal air turbulence is minimal. This lowers the restriction to air flow which reduces the energy required for operation and provides the double benefit of improving filter life. All together this equates to big savings in time and money.

The ultimate test was to line up the Delta3 alongside other spark arrestance units and compare the results while using the exact same testing criteria. The units were submitted to extreme conditions with very high spark volumes and the results proved very significant. One unit allowed 180 sparks per minute to pass through, another allowed 4760 sparks per minute to pass through, and the third one allowed 300 sparks per minute to pass through. Delta3 was the only unit that provided complete spark arrestance, eliminating 99.9 percent of sparks. And in addition, the Delta3 had the lowest pressure drop while meeting the criteria needed to ensure it would be self-cleaning. We’re pleased to have the Delta3 spark arrestor as part of our family of world leading filtration solutions. The patent pending Delta3 technology outperforms every other spark arrestor in the industry and has helped mitigate the thread of fires in manufacturing facilities. By stopping fires right at the source, Delta3 helps create a safer working environment, and alleviates the unnecessary expense of easily avoidable work accidents while saving time, money, and operating expenses. Installing a Delta3 spark arrestor will keep production levels high, lower your operating costs, save energy and keep system maintenance to a minimum.