Carbon Pleated Air Filters

Pleated air filters are used for general odor control is loaded with granular activated carbon. Media for the control of light gases is loaded with other types of absorbents, either alone or in combination with granular activated carbon. The result is high-efficiency filtration for a variety of odor control challenges.

Like the OdorGuard® Panel filters, the OdorGuard® pleated filters utilize 60% granular activated carbon for general odor removal. OdorGuard® Plus contain equal volumes of 60% granular activated carbon and activated alumina with 5% potassium permanganate to remove odors and light gasses.

Types of Pleated Filters We Offer:

  • CarbonWeb Pleats
  • CarbonWeb Plus 50/50 Pleats
  • CA13 MERV 13 Carbon Pleats
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Carbon Pleated Air Filters