Pocket Bag Filters

Pocket air filters are often installed in HVAC systems in auto shops, data centers, food and beverage plants, industrial sites, and schools to trap contaminants in the air stream and boost indoor air quality. They also keep the contaminants from building up in the equipment and damaging it. These filters are best suited for applications where air is constantly flowing through the filter since they may deposit some captured material back into the air stream when they deflate. They are made from polyester or synthetic media.

Pocket filters have a bag-like filter element that is stitched into pockets. They trap more particles than non-pleated panel filters and require changes less often. Our pocket filters can handle extreme conditions such as humidity, velocities and turbulence. Rigid pockets are self-supporting with a molded header. The progressively designed media provides a low pressure drop for longer life which delivers a significant operational cost savings.

Types We Offer:

  • MPR Rigid Bag Filters
  • Series AS Pocket Filters
  • Series 440/420
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Pocket Bag Filters