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The Senturion - 23:12
August 19, 2021

Description: RoboVent President, Rick Kreczmer, discusses the latest innovative industrial dust collector from RoboVent: The Senturion. Learn about how The Senturion compares to previous industrial dust collector models from RoboVent and what makes it stand out as the most versatile dust collector in the industry.

0:00 Welcome!
1:33 Introduction to Senturion
3:14 Why Choose Senturion?
5:56 What Makes Senturion Stand Out?
7:18 Which Industries Can Use The Senturion?
8:25 What Went Into Making The Senturion?
12:03 How is Senturion Different Than The Fusion?
14:08 Senturion's Durability
15:50 How Has the Senturion Been Performing?
17:25 What's Next for The Senturion?
20:20 Rick's Personal Filter
23:00 Let's Get Social!

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