Air Filtration and Ventilation For Every Application


No one has more options or more flexibility in designing and building exactly what these processes demand — from localized units for removing fumes and gases at the source, to powerful systems that ventilate large, complex processes. Our products help you maintain a cleaner, safer environment and help keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Metal Cutting

While laser and plasma cutting have provided tremendous advances in quality and control, these processes pose unique challenges that must also be controlled. To help improve the safety of metal cutting operations we have developed specialized systems to capture cutting fumes and particulates while increasing the performance of the cutting tools.

Dust Collection

Understanding the source and composition of dust is critical to developing the most effective collection and recycling methods. We’re known for this. From wood, fiberglass and paper dust, to chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing dust, we have comprehensive and proven systems for the safe and effective management of these airborne materials.

Oil Mist and Oil Haze

In some operations exposure to machining fluids is unavoidable. But working in a hazardous environment is. Our advanced separation systems are the solution for a dirty, potentially dangerous operation. Instead of just collecting oil, we offer a smarter system that separates and returns the fluid to the machine for a cleaner, safer workplace and lower costs too.


For some facilities and operations general exhaust ventilation is the preferred method for air quality management. We offer exhaust fans, make-up air units and more to help raise comfort and productivity levels in your facility. We have the right equipment to improve airflow, air pressure or heat recovery so you can also see a significant cut in energy costs.

Replacement Filters

Filters aren’t an add-on for us — they’re at the heart of our business. In fact, we began many years ago as a distributor of specialized filters for industry. We know the critical role they play in creating safe, efficient environments. Today we are a one-stop resource for filters used in a range of manufacturing industries from metalworking to woodworking, from pharmaceuticals to food processing.

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