RoboVent Is a Vital Partner in Today’s Leading Industries

RoboVent has decades of experience working in the industrial sector. From the automotive industry to pharmaceuticals, RoboVent has seen it all. When it comes to managing air quality, our engineers understand the particular needs of manufacturing and how those needs differ from industry to industry. Whether yours is a robotic welding operation requiring a grid of fume collectors or a ceramics plant with silica dust issues, RoboVent has a solution for you.

RoboVent understands industry. We know the demands of schedules and tight budgets. We know that no one wants to shut down production lines to do maintenance. We know your staff has better things to do than to worry about their dust collectors. Our engineers design solutions for industry that take into account your operation and its needs. We don’t just clean the air, we help keep your operation running. We are partners.

RoboVent also understands the regulatory environment surrounding each industry. We understand hexavalent chromium in weld fumes, murmurs about changes in manganese PEL’s, and the major changes in silica dust regulations—yes, those changes. Our cutting-edge dust and fume collectors can keep your operation compliant with regulations, while also delivering new efficiencies and other benefits for your facility.

Dust Collection and Fume Control for Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace and Aviation Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent understands the many metal-working applications used in the aerospace and aviation industry and has air quality solutions at the ready.

Agricultural Equipment Dust Collection

Agricultural Industry and Dust Collection

Combustible dust and other airborne hazards are common byproducts of the agricultural industry. RoboVent's advanced dust collectors are tailor-made for the industry.

Automotive Manufacturing Dust and Fume Collection

Automotive Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent has decades of experience working with manufacturers in the automotive industry solving air quality challenges resulting from robotic welding and other processes.

Batch Mixing and Dust Collection

RoboVent has more than two decades of experience filtering the dusts and fumes found in batch mixing and can design a system of any size and power.

Construction Equipment Industry and Dust Collection

The metal-working processes used to manufacture construction equipment produce significant airborne contaminants. RoboVent excels at controlling these dusts and fumes.

Dust Collection for Oil & Gas Pipeline and Equipment Manufacturing

RoboVent can help companies manufacturing pipelines, infrastructure components and equipment for the oil & gas industry protect workers from dangerous dust and fumes.

Dust Collection for Structural Steel Fabrication and Building Materials Supply

From pre-fab housing to clean energy infrastructure, structural steel fabrication is booming. RoboVent has a range of air quality solutions for structural steel welding, cutting and grinding.

Electronics Industry and Dust Collection

The electronics industry faces dust and fume issues every day. Thankfully, RoboVent's elegant and cost-effective solutions can help reduce these issues and maximize facility efficiency.

Metal Dust Collection

General Fabrication Industry and Dust Collection

The welding and metal-cutting seen in the general fabrication industry create air quality challenges that RoboVent solves every day.

Glass Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent understands the new regulations that will force glass manufacturers to reconsider their air quality and has a solution for any industrial application.

Heavy Equipment Industry and Dust Collection

Manufacturing heavy equipment produces serious weld fumes and metal-cutting dusts. RoboVent provides industry-leading air quality solutions for these challenges.

Medical Equipment Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent offers economical dust collection systems for the booming medical equipment manufacturing industry that provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Military and Defense Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent produces cutting-edge dust and fume collectors required by the military and defense industry for maintaining a clean and safe manufacturing environment.

Dust Collection for the Mining Industry

Mining and Dust Collection

RoboVent offers powerful, mobile dust collectors and a variety of ventilation options that keep mining operations working and their workers safe.

Plastics Industry and Dust Collection

Plastics manufacturing is a competitive business, so downtime and employee sick days are not an option. RoboVent provides clean air options to keep your workers healthy and production running.

Railway Equipment Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent has decades of experience handling dust and fumes in environments like the railway equipment industry. Our powerful air filtration solutions are scalable to every need.

Dust Collection for the Renewables Industry

Renewables Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent understands the renewable industry and its manufacturing needs. Our industry-leading air filtration equipment will make sure you are green from the ground up.

Robotic Welding and Fume Collection

RoboVent understands that manufacturers of robots are running at full capacity and need smart solutions for addressing weld fumes and dust in their facilities.

Dust Collection for the Ship Building Industry

Shipbuilding and Dust Collection

The shipbuilding industry faces numerous air quality challenges, and RoboVent has the finest solutions to protect workers from weld fumes and metal-cutting dust.

Transportation Equipment Industry and Dust Collection

RoboVent understands the manufacture of transportation equipment and produces the most powerful and effective air quality solutions for dealing with weld fumes and dust.

Weld School Clean Air Systems: Weld Fume Collection

Weld Schools and Fume Collection

RoboVent's fume collectors are well suited to weld schools' needs for powerful fume collection and the flexibility to move equipment around as needed.